If you can believe it (and even if you can’t), it’s almost that time again — spring cleaning! Bathroom remodelers here at Bath Planet of Southern Tier have been working around the clock planning new ways to beautify bathrooms for homeowners for the spring of 2018! It’s no surprise why; with the sun shining and with fresh innovative designs, spring is the best time for a bathroom renovation in and surrounding Elmira, NY.

But where is the best place to begin? Is a simple dusting all your bathroom requires, or is it due for a complete overhaul? Either way, our experts in bathroom remodeling services in Elmira, NY have compiled a list of spring-cleaning AND renovating tips to help you bring your bath to the next level! 

Top Cleaning Tips from Our Elmira Bathroom Remodelers

Sometimes a thorough cleaning is all it takes to make your bathroom seem new again. Our experienced Elmira bathroom remodelers have formulated a checklist for the must-do tasks. Follow our lead, and in no time at all, your bathroom will be sparkling clean!

  • Take everything out of your cupboards — throw out or donate old or discolored toiletries;
  • Wipe down the inside, underside, top and sides of all cupboards, cabinets and shelving;
  • Launder all towels, bathmats, washcloths, and linens;
  • Use a cleaning solution and damp cloth to dust vents, fans, light fixtures baseboards, and even ceilings (if you’re feeling ambitious…)
  • Use a quality shower treatment to rid your tub of soap scum — many bathroom remodelers in Elmira swear by baking soda!
  • Scrub the toilet with a baking soda solution

Is It Time to Look intoBathroom Remodeling Services around Elmira, NY?

If you’ve completed the list and something still doesn’t feel right, it might be time to enlist in the help of quality bathroom remodeling services in Elmira, NY.  If the soap-scum isn’t going anywhere, or if your shower curtain feels like nothing more than a magnet for mildew, the experienced Elmira bathroom remodelers at Bath Planet Southern Tier are here to help!

Here’s what we can do!

Call us today to schedule your free in-home estimate! We’ll design a bathroom remodeling package that transforms your bathroom at a price you can afford. You’ll soon see why were the best when it comes to bathroom renovation in Elmira!