The decision to renovate a bathroom often begins with the replacement of the largest element in the space—your bathtub or shower. While a new tub or shower can certainly make your bathroom more stylish and meet the functional needs of your family, you could be missing out on your dream bathroom if you stop there. 

Flooring, lighting, vanities, and other services can enhance the appeal of your bathroom when combined with your renovation project. To create a space that is truly unique to your family, the professionalElmira bathroom remodelers at Bath Planet of Southern Tier are dedicated to serving Elmira and residents of the surrounding area with a variety of additional services. We are proud to offer:

  • Stunning Bathroom Flooring and Custom Tile Installation

Flooring and tile can easily unify your bathroom and create a pleasing look and feel for your family. Whether you decide to go upscale with high-end tile or select natural stone to soften your space, new flooring and tile are the perfect final touch for a complete bathroom remodel.

  • Stylish Toilets and Installation

If you’re replacing other elements in your bathroom, why not have a new toilet installed, too? Although toilets are primarily a functional component, that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish as well. With numerous styles and colors available, a new toilet can easily complement your overall bathroom design.

  • Illuminating Lighting and Electrical Services

The last thing you want is to walk into your new bathroom and not be able to see all of the fabulous additions in your space. With the help of skilled designers and certified electricians, you can light up your space with fixtures that provide the optimum amount of brightness in the precise locations and add an extra layer of warmth to your bathroom.

  • Functional, High-Quality Bathroom Vanities in Elmira

When you want essential bathroom items to be easily accessible yet out of sight, a vanity can provide discrete storage solutions depending on the style you select. For optimum storage, a classic freestanding style is the ideal choice, while a modern floating vanity may be a better fit to complement the rest of your space.

  • Complete Bathroom Reconfiguration Solutions

Once you realize the possibilities that a Elmira bathroom remodel can generate, you may find that it is necessary to completely redesign your space to suit your family’s needs and budget. A customized plan can include the addition of wall partitions for added privacy, the removal of walls for wider walkways, window replacement, and more to make the best possible use of your space.

If you’re ready to create the bathroom of your dreams, Bath Planet of Southern Tier is the Elmira bathroom company of choice for exceptional customer care and quality products—no matter the service! Call us today to discuss your remodeling needs, or fill out our simple online form now to get a free, no-obligation estimate.